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I received my first camera at age ten from my father, who had learned darkroom photography from a prominent photojournalist. That first starter camera sparked my interest in photography from that day forward. By the time I was in my twenties, I realized that photography would be a part of the rest of my life. I have lived in the Southwestern United States for over thirty years. My interests originally centered on the region's unique attributes, especially its vast landscapes. Then, in recent years, I have enjoyed narrowing my focus on birds, other wildlife and desert flora. My other interests are architecture, abstracts in architecture and abstracts in nature. Being outside with nature is the most rewarding part of expressing myself with photography because of the beauty and serenity. It evokes the creative spark that challenges me to portray what I see in the best possible light.

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Published Works:
*Featured Cover Photo on Arizona Highways Magazine's Facebook page (January 2014)
* Over 60 images published in Friday Fotos in the Arizona Highways Magazine blog

Published in The Arizona Daily Star newspaper
Published in The Arizona Republic Newspaper
Published in Lake Havasu Chamber of Commerce Publications
Published in Havasu Magazine
Published in Discover Havasu Magazine
Published in Guide to the Western Sunbelt Magazine
Published in The Sun Newspaper
Published in Lake Havasu Yacht Club brochure
Published in Beachcomber R.V. Resort brochure
Published in Colorado River Guide
Published in London Bridge Days Brochure
Published in Travel Poker (A Retix Publication) May/June 1990 issue:
Published in Mohave County Phone Book

Other Accomplishments:

* First Place award for 'Skull Shadow' August 2009 Judged by Photo-Artist Glyn Davies

* Featured Photographer during all of May 2008 and November 2012 at The Irish Cultural Center in
Phoenix, Arizona during the Friday Art Walk

* Winner in twelve categories in the Arizona Office of Tourism, Arizona Summer Scene '92 Photo contest, judged by Carlos Elmer, renowned photographer for Arizona Highways Magazine

* Front cover photo for the 1984 Mohave County phone book, Kingman, Arizona

* Grand prize of the Lake Havasu area Film Commission's Film in Arizona Photo Contest (May 1980)

*Art show ribbons awarded as a member of the Lake Havasu Art Guild, Lake Havasu City, Arizona (1980's)

Other Publications:
Coffee table photo book, "Arizona Treasures" is for sale at this link:

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Great Egret Preening 4917-040518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Blue Heron and Great Egret 4887-040518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Canada Goose and Goslings 4823-040518-1cr by Tam Ryan


White-faced Ibis 4661-040518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 4579-040418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Cactus Wren with Nesting Material 4543-040418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Cactus Wren Chick 4606-040418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Gambel's Quail 4125-040318-1cr by Tam Ryan


Canada Goose Preening 4228-040318-1cr by Tam Ryan


Song Sparrow 4179-040318-1cr by Tam Ryan


Brown-headed Cowbird 4194-040317-1cr by Tam Ryan


Ladder-backed Woodpecker 3682-033118-1cr by Tam Ryan


Cactus Wren 3606-033118-1cr by Tam Ryan


Northern Cardinal 3571-033118-1cr by Tam Ryan


Canada Geese 3348-032918-1cr by Tam Ryan


American White Pelican 3318-032918-1cr by Tam Ryan


Least Bittern 3257-032918-1cr by Tam Ryan


Least Bittern 3251-032918-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 9917-022418-2cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret with Fish 1208-011418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Mockingbird 1226-011418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 1196-011418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Canada Goose 1136-011418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Canada Goose 1113-011418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Mockingbird 1228-011418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 1057-010518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 1060-010518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 1005-010518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Canada Goose 1068-010518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Snowy Egret 9896-022418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Great Egret 9917-022418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Snowy Egret Chase 9942-022418-1cr by Tam Ryan


Northern Cardinal 2055-01718-1cr by Tam Ryan


Bee in Flight 2038-031718-1cr by Tam Ryan


Verdin 3185-032518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Northern Cardinal 1185-030518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Agave 3140-032518-1 by Tam Ryan


Lincoln's Sparrow 3071-032518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Cactus Wren 3065-032518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Hooded Oriole 3086-032518-1cr by Tam Ryan


Salt River Wild Horses 3017-032118-1cr by Tam Ryan


Red Mountain and Saguaro Shadow 2439-032118-cr by Tam Ryan


Snowy Egret 2188-032018-1cr by Tam Ryan


Black-necked Stilts 2231-032018-1cr by Tam Ryan


Verdin 2298-032018-1cr by Tam Ryan


American Avocets 2210-032018-1cr by Tam Ryan


Broad-billed Hummingbird 2008-031718-1cr by Tam Ryan


American Avocets 1972-031418-1cr by Tam Ryan